Thu, Jun 24 4:15pm

Dear Family


Our records show that your student has a DOE iPad that was loaned out to support remote or hybrid learning during the pandemic response. Here are some important things to know:

  • If your student is leaving the DOE for any reason, you must return the iPad to us. Please see the Returns page on our website for more information about how to get the iPad back to us and watch this short video about why it is important that we get it back from you.
  • All other students should keep the iPad, even if they are changing schools within the DOE. Please keep the iPad in the case, treat it with care, and do not eat or drink while using it. 
  • If the iPad does get broken please bring it to the nearest Summer Rising location after July 1, and that school will help get a replacement iPad for your student.
  • If your iPad gets lost or stolen, please file a police report, and call the help desk at 718-935-5100, option 5, to let us know the report number so we can replace the device.


Thank you,


The DOE iPad Team


This information  only applies if you requested a DOE  IPAD for your child for Remote or Hybrid Learning.