Join Us Friday June 10 for the $5K for PS20 Social Justice Run!
Fri, Jun 10 9:00am-1:00pm
Fort Greene Park
2 days before

Join us on Friday, June 10, for our second annual $5K for PS20 Social Justice Run, a benefit run at Fort Greene Park to raise $5,000 for PS20!

This event is an opportunity for the PS20 community to come together to teach our children about social justice, activism and protest and how they can work to make a positive impact within their community. Our goal is to raise funds for the PTA’s Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) Fund. This marathon-style fundraiser will be led by the Founder of Define New York Run Club and Co-Founder of Running to Protest, activist and runner, and PS20 parent Coffey.

The PTA launched this event last year, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and the event is part of our effort to demonstrate our school community’s commitment to addressing social injustice by creating a fund within our PTA budget dedicated to our JEDI work. All proceeds from the race will go to the PTA’s JEDI Fund. These funds are a valuable resource and allow us to do everything from conducting workshops to covering field trips for families that may be experiencing economic challenges.

Your children will be working with their teachers and classmates to choose one social cause under the umbrella of JEDI. Think of this as the PS20 community showing up to raise awareness about racial equality, gender equality, religious freedom, immigrant rights, fighting hunger and homelessness, etc. Our collective message for the run is Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, but we would like to share with our sponsors and community what your child’s class stands for individually. We encourage you to talk with your child’s teacher and engage with your children in this conversation and ask them what “they or their class would like to run for?”  


  • Each class will select a cause they are running for and ask for sponsorship from their family members and neighbors. See sponsorship form 
  • The kids can write their class message on signs, racing bibs and shirts, and include it in team cheers.
  • Family members from each class can support their class message with donations, signs and encouragement. 
  • Donate by texting “PS20JEDI" to 44-321
  • Please refer to your child's class group time for the run. (See the guide below!) Each class will run together and support each other!

We all know that the many injustices are far too embedded and deep to tackle all at once, but just like running, it’s about consistency and taking one stride at a time. With this race, we can bring out more awareness regarding these issues and call our community into action, taking meaningful small steps each day towards a more Just, Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive community.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me or David Pristin, President of the PS20 PTA, at