Join your children's classrooms in Konstella!
Mon, Sep 13 4:18pm

Dear PS 20 community,

Classrooms are now in Konstella. As a parent, you can add your children to their classroom by using the "Your children" option in the user menu, as shown below. You can do this with Konstella on the web or on the mobile app.

1. On the web version, click on your name in the top right, then "Your Children". On the mobile app, click the little "gear" icon on the top right, then "Your Children".

2. For each child, click the "Join Classroom" link or the "No classroom" option, and then select your child's classroom.

3. Click Save for the change to take effect.

You should then be able to see your classroom(s) on the left hand side on the web, or under Messages on the mobile app.

Please note a few important points:

  • Not all teachers are on Konstella yet. Please be patient, especially with teachers who are new to the school and have not used Konstella before!
  • Konstella classrooms are meant mainly for teachers to communicate with parents, organize activities, share photos, etc. They are not meant to be a parent-only chat room. Please keep the conversation respectful. Parents are welcome to create their own chat rooms, and/or use one of the existing general "social groups" (PS 20 Open Forum, and the specific-grade groups) for discussion.
  • Please read and adhere to our PTA Community Guidelines when using Konstella.

For any questions or help (for both parents and teachers), please email

Congrats on your kids' first day of school!