Kids Heart Challenge is in full swing!
Wed, Feb 24 8:50am

Hi PS 20


Kids Heart Challenge is in full swing! Every single dollar you raise during our program will help kids and families build healthier lives. We are so proud of our school community for making such a big difference! We've had to update our goal since so many jumped on board and began fundraising right away. Since you are doing such a great job we wanted to give you another surprise.


ANY student who has raised or would like to raise $150 or more in online donations by next Tuesday 3/2 will earn their own special AGENT KHC KEYCHAIN to add to their heart hero collection. (picture attached)


Many students are very close to reaching $150 raised online and it's not too late to get started.


Download the Kids Heart Challenge App or Visit to participate! look for our school by adding PS 020 (the space is intentional)

(psst—the Heart Heroes come to life through the app!)


email Ms. Cassimiro with questions: