Konstella classroom content will be archived -- download/copy messages & photos now to keep it.
Fri, Sep 3 10:16am

Dear PS 20 teachers and families,

Early next week we will be archiving all Konstella classrooms, events, and announcements, ahead of the start of classes on Sept 13. 

If there's anything you want to hold on to, including messages, photos, announcements, or old sign-up sheets, please make copies of those now. For photos, if you access Konstella on the web, you should be able to use the "Download" link for each album and photo as needed. Even though the archived content will not be deleted, it will no longer be accessible under our current (free) Konstella plan.

Please note that committees, social groups, and personal chats will not be archived; you can leave those if you no longer wish to participate.  We will most likely remove the parent-only classroom chats, to avoid confusion when we make the new ones for this school year, as well as cleaning up old groups and committees that are not in active use.

We hope to have the new Konstella classrooms ready to use around the time that virtual orientations happen, on Friday Sept 10.

If you have any questions about Konstella, please reply to this email or email it@ps20.org.


Your PS 20 PTA