Konstella classrooms will be archived! Take action now to save content.
Thu, Aug 31 8:40am

Hi, PS 20 families,

As we do every year, we will be archiving all Konstella classroom content before creating new classrooms for the upcoming school year. If you want to keep anything (e.g. photos or class messages) please download or make a copy of them now, as 2022-23 classroom content will not be accessible after the archiving process is complete. We're aiming to archive everything on Monday Sept 4 (Labor Day).

Note that Konstella committees and private chat groups (including classroom chat subgroups) will remain as-is and will not be archived. If you no longer want to participate in those, please leave them from within Konstella.

As mentioned in the earlier Back-to-School Update, we will create classrooms in Konstella closer to start of the school year, and you will be able to add your children to their classroom once that happens and you know your teacher assignment. 

If you have any Konstella questions, please email it@ps20.org.


PS 20 PTA Konstella Admins