May 5th PS20 virtual Town Hall recap.
Tue, May 12 5:42pm

Dearest PS 20 Community, 


On behalf of our PTA, we would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to all members of our PS20 community who have lost loved ones in this pandemic. Our prayers are with you. We would like to also express our solidarity with families that are still battling the disease and its multiple impacts. We finally would like to salute all those who recovered from COVID19 and are now healed! We are all in this together. Together we will get through this.


On May 5, 2020, the PS 20 Administration and PTA hosted a successful virtual Town Hall. Over 100 families, staff members, and teachers were in attendance and we received dozens of questions from families and staff, which were addressed by Mrs. Barbera, Ms. Blyden, Ms.Deshong, and Mrs. Colon.


A recording of the meeting will be viewable here:, through Wednesday evening.


Below is a recap of some of the major themes from the evening with an opening by Mrs. Barbera: “I am a public servant. I am here for you. We will do our best to meet your needs. My open-door policy is still ON! Remote-learning has been a challenge, but we will make school “happen-at-home.”


  • Remote Learning - teachers, parents, administration, and children are experiencing a steep learning curve with remote learning. We are all encouraged to be flexible and patient with one another. If, for whatever reason, your family needs to modify your schedule, due dates, assignments, etc. you are encouraged to contact your child’s classroom teacher directly. Remember, the first line of communication is your teacher. If you have not yet received a device or have just recently received a device, you can work with your teacher directly to make plans for missed assignments, if possible, or necessary. Teachers are understanding that they need to be flexible at this time and will readily work with you and your individual needs to make alternative plans. There will be NO Failing Grade. Remember, flexibility means please reach out.


If you need to contact a cluster teacher about an assignment, please find their contact information below: Science  French  Technology   Music/Band  Dance  Physical Education


If you need to to inquire about  your device please contact Mrs. Colon at 


  • Fall Safety Plans - Definitive plans regarding safety, social distancing, and sanitization for the Fall are still pending, per upcoming DOE-issued guidelines or mandates. School leadership is considering social distancing implications in relation to space utilization and expansion planning, following Arts & Letters’ exit of the building. 


  • Arts & Letters Move - While the exact timing of the move has yet to be determined, there have been no changes to the plan for Arts & Letters to vacate the building prior to the 2020-21 school year. 


  • End of School Year - As of now, the DOE has not shared any definitive information about the school year being truncated or extended. 


  • Graduating Students - Ms. DeShong is working with 5th-grade parents to plan a creative way to honor and celebrate our graduating students. If you would like to be involved in the planning, please contact Ms. DeShong at as well as Ms. Colon at


  • School-wide Celebration - Administration recognizes the importance of creating a school-wide virtual event for kids to look forward to before the end of the school year. The idea currently being considered is a Talent Show!    


  • School Pictures - Administration is working to get more information about Spring pictures, including graduation pictures, that were taken this winter and what the process will be to get them to parents.


  • Field Trip Refunds - If you have submitted funds for field trips, refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If the school had already forwarded to funds to the field trip provider, there may be a delay if refunds can be provided. If paid funds remained at the school, they can be more easily processed when school resumes, hopefully in the fall. For specific questions, please contact your child's teacher. 


  • ELL Families & families without remote learning access - Ms. Colon, Ms, DeShong, Ms. Quinn, and Dr. Ellis have been working to communicate with our ELL families to ensure continuity of learning. We are pleased to share that out of nearly 540 children, only 7 are not regularly accessing remote learning. 


  • Socio-Emotional support for our children - DOE will let us know how much energy we can invest in that. We will go deeper in Mindfulness and Brain Power will play a central role after the Re-Unification. We are leaning heavily on the Superintendent’s guidance on this.


  • Crisis at Home - Immediately, please reach out to Mrs. Colon at to get the help you need. She will reach out to proper channels and admin.


The PTA would like to thank school leadership for joining us at our first ever PS 20 virtual Town Hall. We hope to schedule more community meetings in the future. We would like to thank all teachers, educators, and families who were present at the Town Hall as well. 


For questions or comments about this event, please email 


Endless prayers to all our families and PS20 community. Be strong, be well, and stay healthy.