Mosaic 2019 Fall Schedule
Mon, Aug 19 6:44pm


Dear Parents and Caregivers, 


On behalf of Mosaic, I am happy to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year! The Mosaic Afterschool Program, run by the PS 20 PTA, provides aftercare for students from Pre-K–5th grade at PS. 20 (and nearby schools). We are very excited to have the opportunity to serve you and your children. From 2:40 – 6pm, your child can participate in a number of enrichment activities, enjoy a snack, receive homework help, and have free play time with friends. One of the most exciting things about Mosaic is the enrichment activities we offer, providing your child with the opportunity to learn skills in music, arts, sports, and much more! 

Please note that we are finalizing a few contracts, and therefore the schedule is subject to change.  

Also, we’ve changed our registration date to Tuesday, August 27, at noon, so that Pre-K families attending orientation don’t miss the chance to enroll when registration opens. You will receive an email from Mosaic via Konstella when registration is open, or please visit the Mosaic website to link to our registration page at the time registration opens:


Please see our daily routine:

  • 2:40–3:30pm – Snack/ Homework assistance 
  • 3:30–5pm – Enrichment activities (NOTE: on Tuesdays, enrichment is from 4–5:30pm)
  • 5–6pm – Free play social/playground time (weather permitting)


Fall 2019 Schedule:


Freeplay Session 

Thursday, September 5: Kindergarten (11:40am–6pm); 1st–5th grades (2:40–6pm)

Friday September 6: Kindergarten–5th grade (2:40–6pm)


Enrichment Term

September 9–December 20


Class 1 – (PK-K) Art Factory

Class 2 – (PK-K) Sports & Fitness

Class 3 – (1st- 5th) Mark Morris Hip Hop Dance

Class 4 – (PK-5th) Gardening & Sustainability 

Class 5 – (2nd -5th) Nunchucks 



Class 1 – (PK-1st) Mark Morris Creative Dance and Performance 

Class 2 – (K-5th) Brooklyn Music School: Violin

Class 3 – (PK-5th) Gardening & Sustainability 

Class 4 – (2-5th) Artist Hub





Class 1 – (PK-K) Art Factory

Class 2 – (2nd – 5th) Brooklyn Music School: Drama

Class 3 – (K- 5th) Checkmate

Class 4 – (K-2nd) Brooklyn Robot Foundry: Robotics

Class 5 – (2nd- 5th) Capoeira



Class 1 – (PK-K) Art Factory 

Class 2 – (1st- 5th) Sports & Fitness

Class 3 – (PK-1st) Allergic to Salad (Cooking Up a Story)

Class 4 – (1st – 5th) Mindful Yoga

Class 5 – (2nd -5th) Koko Inventors Lab



Class 1 – (PK-K) Mindful Yoga

Class 2 – (1st- 5th) Architecture & Design for kids (ARDE)

Class 3 – (2nd- 5th) Allergic to Salad: Cooking 101

Class 4 – (K-5th) Play Zone