Mosaic Registration Tomorrow!
Sun, Dec 8 11:44am
Hello parents and caregivers, 
A few notes before registration is live Monday at noon. This semester, we've implemented a new "cart timer" which means that you can hang on to the selections in your cart for 10 minutes before the class will be released to the next interested family. Here are a few pointers to make registration go smoothly tomorrow:
  • Spring 2020 class descriptions are all updated! Check over the schedule before registration opens to see what your kiddo is interested in this semester (there are a bunch of new ones that we LOVE and hope you will too!)
  • Go to your profile before registration opens to make sure your information (like pick up authorizations, credit card, and allergies) are all up to date 
  • At check out, be sure to double check your cart and your email confirmation to ensure you signed up for all you classes
  • Thank a parent for their support of PS 20's amazing community through their continued donation
Happy Sunday, 
the Mosaic team