Notice regarding The Re-siting of Arts & Letters
Fri, Nov 1 4:10pm


November 1, 2019

 Dear P.S. 20 Families:

 I am writing to share that the New York City Department of Education (DOE) is proposing to merge and re-site Academy of Arts and Letters (13K492) with P.S. 305 (13K305) in building K305 beginning in the 2020-2021 school year. As you may now, Academy of Arts and Letters is currently located at 225 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn NY 11205 in building K020 where it is co-located with P.S. 20 (13K020). P.S. 305 is currently located at 344 Monroe Street, Brooklyn NY 11216. K020 and K305 are both located in District 13 and are approximately 1.8 miles apart. 

 What is the DOE proposing?

The DOE is proposing a school merger and re-siting. A merger means that two existing schools are combined into one school to operate and serve students more effectively. The goal of a school merger is to improve learning environments by combining the strengths and best practices of both schools. A re-siting means that part or all of a school will be located in a different building than the building in which the school is currently located.

 If this proposal is approved, beginning in September 2020, Arts and Letters and P.S. 305 will be combined together into one school, and students, staff, and resources form both schools will become a part of the merged school. The merger will benefit students at both schools by combining the strengths of both school communities, specifically with regard to robust enrollment and programming, diversity, and space.  

 This proposal must be voted on and approved by the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) prior to implementation.

 If this proposal is approved by the PEP, what does this mean for my child(ren)

-P.S. 20 will continue to serve students in building K020. 

- The merger of P.S. 305 and Arts and Letters is not expected to impact educational and/or extracurricular programming available to students at P.S 20. 

 Where can I learn more about this proposal?

This letter serves as notice that the Educational Impact Statement (EIS) for this proposal has been posted on the NYCDOE’s website at:


 We encourage you to visit that website as we will update it with important dates and new information as it becomes available. Copies of the EIS for this proposal are also available in the main offices of Arts and Letters, P.S. 20, and P.S. 305.




Lena Johnson-Barbera


The Clinton Hill School, PS 20

225 Adelphi Street

Brooklyn N.Y. 11205


Fax (929) 457-6563