Tue, Sep 22 12:48am

Hello PS 20 Family,

We know that getting started with online learning can be a bit of a grind.   With the rapid change to remote learning, even some teachers have found it challenging to navigate the digital landscape, so  Please inform your teachers of any technical issues that may occur as soon as they occur so that they can work cooperatively to troubleshoot

To help, one of our PTA parent volunteers created a series of tutorials that, hopefully addresses any immediate issues with getting your child logged in.  Those videos can be accessed at the school website at:

Also, as the DOE makes adjustments, the fixes for some issues may have changed.  Current guidance from the DOE to address these technical issues is something that our families are discovering on an individual basis (as each family's issue may differ depending on any number of factors from the kind of device to the internet speed available).   To help, we created this Konstella group (ONLINE LEARNING TECH ASSISTANCE) allowing parents to share any information, fixes, tips, tools and techniques that they may have found effective in addressing these issues.

Because Konstella groups are limited to a 100 people, the group ideally would be populated by those with answers and remedies to problems - as opposed to simply problems, as well as teachers and CPL's (Classroom Parent Leaders) who will be able to take the information from that group and share it in the classroom with parents who are not able to join the group.

Lastly,  know that you can call the DOE tech help desk @ 718-935-5100 or go to for assistance in this area as well.

Fingers crossed...

1) Try logging into Google Classroom the night before to test and troubleshoot.
2) Log in earlier to distribute the traffic, (e.g. 5-25mins earlier, or first-thing when kids get up)
3) Visit @nycschools Twitter feed to stay abreast of current information on this, and other DOE related news.  The feed confirmed that the DOE login was down yesterday around 9am.

Lawrence "LAW" Watford
PTA Co-Pres