ONLY 300 dollars to go!!!! Final 2 days to Support Gardening & Arts Classes at PS20!
Wed, Mar 30 12:08pm

Our innovative Green Arts program needs your support to thrive! Right now, IOBY is offering to match funds for every dollar we raise, but this special match ends Thursday, so please donate today if you can. Your support is what makes Gardening and Arts classes possible (including the salaries of our incredible teachers), as well as amazing outdoor and beekeeping initiatives. Please help to ensure PS20 students can get Gardening and Arts classes during the 2022-23 school year by donating here! 

Thanks to the generosity of PS 20 parents like you, during the 2021-22 year we have:

  • Continued to offer Gardening classes with Mr. Jonathan
  • Offered Visual Arts classes for 1st-5th grade students with our new teacher, Ms. Kayra
  • Harvested our first 3 posts of rooftop honey from our PS20 bees!
  • Made excellent use of the gardens and the outdoor learning space, providing more outdoor learning opportunities for our children

Next year's programming all depends on parent support! If you are able, we ask that you please make a donation today to help us reach our $15,000 goal. Your contribution—in any amount—will help us sustain the program for the current year and beyond.

Donate now to support Green Arts: