P.S. 20 COVID Safety + School Health Guidelines
Thu, Dec 23 2:20pm

To our P.S. 20 Parents & Community:

We wish you a peaceful holiday and hope you’re able to enjoy some rest during the winter break. As we navigate colder weather and a rise in cases in our community due to yet another COVID variant, we wanted to re-circulate the latest DOE-mandated guidelines currently in place at P.S. 20 around COVID testing, vaccination requirements, and what happens when there’s a positive case in a classroom or within our community. Please read these guidelines carefully. You can also find a full breakdown of school guidelines and important contact information in the P.S. 20 Parent Handbook on our website. We know the rising cases both in the school and in our community has made all of us anxious and frustrated, but we’ll get through this together.

Above all else, as Principal Barbera has stressed, do not send your child to school if they are sick. Any child showing symptoms—from a fever to a sore throat or runny nose—may be sent to a quarantine room by the school nurse. Considering the rise in cases in our community (along with the rest of the city and country), we also strongly recommend getting your child tested before returning to school after the winter recess. We appreciate your help in working to keep our school community safe!

As a reminder, all of these health and safety guidelines—from wearing masks to quarantine protocols—are mandated by the DOE and apply to all public schools in New York City. While changes to the guidelines do occur, these changes happen at the City Council level—not at the P.S. 20 administration level. If you’re interested in advocating around change to these, consider joining a District 13 Community Education Council meeting, attending a meeting of the DOE Panel for Educational Policy, or working with fellow PTA members to advocate to other city officials. If you have additional questions, please reach out to board@ps20.org or join our next PTA meeting via Zoom on January, 20. See you in 2022! ❤️

Covid-19 Safety & School Health FAQ's