PLEASE READ REGARDING $420 EBT cash for groceries
Sat, Sep 26 2:51pm

Dear Families,


Every kid in NYC public schools is getting a pandemic food benefit this year of $420 EBT cash per child for groceries. All Phase 1 and Phase 2 families (those already on public assistance) have already been sent these funds, automatically added to existing cards.


Families not previously on public assistance will get their cards this week (or may have already received them). These are not a scam, do not throw these cards away.  

Here is what YOU CAN DO:

The cards are not transferable, those who wish to DONATE the money are asked to spend the cards on their own groceries and make a $420 donation to a food bank or other hunger assistance organization.


If you have not received your EBT card, you have until 9/30 to be in touch with OTDA to add or correct your address. Please call P-EBT Food Benefits Helpline: 1-833-452-0096. For further assistance please contact Community Food Advocates.


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