Mon, May 3 11:09am

Hello PS 20 Family,

Welcome to May at PS20!  Not only are we just 7 weeks from the end of the school year, but we're also at the first day of our return to 5 day in-person learning as well as PRINCIPAL APPRECIATION and TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!!!

So today, we want to say thank you to our amazing and dedicated team of educators, from Principal Barbera and Vice-Principal Blyden to our committed teachers and para-professionals, who have gone above and beyond under the most extraordinary of circumstances.

This week, the PTA will be doing our small part to acknowledge educators and invite you and your children to do the same. Cards and gifts are always appreciated, however the one thing that our teachers and administrative team  have been extremely grateful  for is the patience and kindness of parents who supported them during the rapid transition and expansion of schooling under the pressures of the pandemic.   

So as we continue our march toward the end of the school year, let's continue to extend the encouragement, support and goodwill that is so necessary to a thriving and healthy school community.   To that end, please note the following:

  1. Arrival and dismissal with twice as many children might require a bit of trial and error, so be patient and look out for any instructions to make the process run more smoothly.
  2. Be mindful that, after school the playground will likely be twice as crowded, so that will require extra vigilance on the part of parents:
    - Make sure that we're monitoring the children for masking and social distancing.
    - Be vigilant and mindful of children entering the restrooms and exiting the park without parents.   
    - Encourage children to use a "buddy system" (have a specific partner(s) that they remain with, who know where parents are in case of emergency).
    - Be mindful that there will be parents interacting with children that are unfamiliar to you (from the other cohort).  While being aware that the park is open to the public, also be conscious of any personal biases while monitoring the children.

    Thank you