PS 20 Auction Donations!
Mon, Apr 19 6:24pm

It is time for the annual PS20 School Auction! While it won’t look exactly the same as in the past, it is still an exciting way to support the PS 20 community... and of course get some really cool stuff!


We are in the process of collecting items to be auctioned off and we are excited to re-engage with people who have donated in the past. Hopefully we can expand to some new donors as well.


Things that are super popular are experiences (i.e. NASA simulation), vacation houses, camps, gift cards of all kinds, adult beverages (i.e. case of wine), concert tickets, fun events (crafts with your favorite teacher), and I am sure the many other cool things we have yet to think of!


The auction will be held in early June so we are looking to have all donations in by May 15.  You and/or whoever is making the donation can use this link to let us know they are donating and some other important details.


Please think about what you can donate, go to your favorite places and ask for a gift card or case of wine-  sky's the limit on ideas.


Again here is the link. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at


Thank you for your support of the PS 20 Auction!