PS 20 Beautiful Facemask Celebration on Flipgrid
Fri, Jan 22 2:16pm

We are happy to announce the PS20 Beautiful Facemask Celebration on Flipgrid. 


This celebration is open to all students and staff.  This celebration is to encourage students and staff to create their own designs for a face mask. You may create the mask from start to finish or add gems, beads, stickers...etc to decorate one to your liking. 


The whole idea is that we show off a bit of our personalities and style with our masks. It is an open ended contest where YOU get to be the designer. 


The deadline to show your mask on Flipgrid  is February 23rd. (The Tuesday after winter break) 


Have so much fun with it. We look forward to seeing your creativity shine through your Beautiful Face Mask.


You can use any device that has a camera and internet to record yourself wearing your beautiful mask right on flipgrid.  


Click the link below and it will prompt you to log in: 


It will only work with your account or for staff your account.


Like google classroom Flipgrid is a DOE endorsed platform. Your video/pictures won't come up on any search engines and only our staff or student accounts can be used to log in.



email Ms.Cassimiro if you have any questions