PS 20 COVID Vaccination Pop-Up Site Update
Mon, Nov 8 12:47pm

Unfortunately, we found out late this morning that Med Rite, the vaccine provider, only brought 50 doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine - this seems to be the case for all of the DOE school pop up sites.


We were so happy to see the enthusiasm from our school community to get our kids vaccinated, but unforunately we signed up 50 kids within the first 20 minutes.  We have taken a waitlist, but if you haven't already signed up, we recommend you go to NYC's COVID-19 Citywide Information Portal (link here).   If you click on the link See a list of sites where you can get a walk-up vaccination today, you will find a list of all of the City sponsored walk-up sites.


Remember if you get your first does of your or your child's vaccination at a NYC sponsored site you are eligible for a $100 incentive and if you list the "PS20 Parent and Teachers' Association, Inc." [no space between PS and 20] as the referral organization the school gets $100 as well.


The PTA  will continue to look to share information about COVID-19 vaccinations as we get it.


Thank you.