Mon, May 17 1:34pm

Dear PS20 Family, 

Talent Show 2021 will once again be online on Flipgrid:

Join Code: 0c88643b

You will need to use your child's DOE account to log on. (By now, we all know how to do that, right?!)

We can't wait for the day we once again get together and cheer, sing, dance, eat, drink, and laugh our hearts out. 
So here's a chance to show what you can do!

The theme for this year's show is positivity.
Positivity means focusing on things like hope, joy, love, peace, kindness, and praise.
Positivity means rejecting negative things like anger, fear, hatred, and criticism.
We've been through a lot of suffering and negativity this year.
But there's something better coming out now: a positive feeling of hope and dialogue (talking and listening, rather than shouting or blaming).

If you have a song or dance about pain or sadness,  that is 100% OK, too. We all need to grieve sometimes, and performing is a powerful way to share your message.

If you have a performance that has nothing to do with positivity, that's OK, too!

Encourage your classmates, parents, and teachers to participate!


Join Code: 0c88643b

Peep talent show 2020 and 2018 highlights here: