PTA Meeting & Brotherhood Celebration Materials and Recording
Tue, Mar 1 11:25pm

Below you will find links to this evening's PTA Meeting & Brotherhood Celebration materials and recording.


Below is a link to the slides from the meeting:



Here is a link to the recording of the meeting:


And here is a link to the video for for the Black History Month and Brotherhood Celebration:


This video is a sampling of the amazing work that was done by our PS 20 teachers and students over the last few months to celebrate the contributions of Black Americans in our country and the spirit of brotherhood. 


Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this video with a special thanks to Ms. Barbera, Ms. Blyden and the PS 20 Administration, the PS 20 teachers, Pete Slife, Coffey, Phoenix Coffey, Annie Basulto, Matius Pelenur, the PS 20 JEDI Committee, the PS 20 PTA and all of the PS 20 students!