PTA UPDATE: What's happening now
Wed, Mar 18 9:02pm
Hello PS20 Family,
We know there are still some questions, so we wanted to provide some answers.
The teachers and administration are focusing all their energies on remote learning readiness.  As part of that effort, Mrs. Barbera  is working to move all the teachers to Konstella. This platform will become the main form of communication between teachers and parents.  
We've spent the last few days making sure that the teachers have the necessary access to allow them to coordinate with their classes.  The hope is that they'll have their Google Classrooms up and running by Thursday - however Monday is the official "go" date.  
There should also be call going out, urging ALL parents to go to the website and signing up for Konstella.   With it being the primary source of communication going forward, we'll want to limit traffic and urge parents to send private messages to teachers (as not to inundate parents with too many daily Konstella messages).  Some of your are already concerned and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of messaging.
In addition, they're working on creating actual physical packets that can be picked up for those students without internet access. Those may consist of xeroxed homework/activities packets and/or actual text/workbooks. They are also assessing the use of sites like Scholastic to support the kids learning.
To assist with the the homework for pick-up, the school assistants are working today and possibly through Friday to help with the collecting, copying and distribution of the physical materials.    Mrs. Barbera will send word via Konstella and Robocall to let parents know when those materials are available for pick up.
Note - If this process is taking longer than expected, understand that online learning is new territory for most of our teachers.  This week their professional development is dedicated to learning the Google Classroom platform.   The other consideration is that Mrs. Barbera is looking for uniformity across classes for each grade, making sure that all students are utilizing the same resources, which requires some coordination.
Lastly, we want to encourage you to not be anxious as things fall into place.  I'm sure some of us were going a bit insane on Monday downloading random learning things out of some commitment to normalcy - THESE are indeed not normal times, so take a breath. We understand teachers have an incredible skill-set that is not acquired overnight - so don't be too hard on yourselves. 
Your PS 20 PTA Board