PTA meeting cancelled & a message from the PTA Board
Mon, Apr 20 8:13pm

Dear PS Community,

Our PTA general meeting scheduled for this coming Wednesday, April 22 is cancelled. Throughout this process, the PTA Board has been focused on supporting PS 20's rapid transition to remote/online learning, and in doing so we have remained conscious of the amount of information that parents and teachers are receiving. As a result, we have elected to limit the amount of online communication from the PTA (PTA meetings included) to issues related to technical support for online learning and important updates from the Department of Education.

Our goal is to conduct an online meeting in the near future, at a time when Principal Barbera is able to participate and update us on DOE developments.

We understand that a number of you may have questions related to your experience with online learning and we invite you to let us us know what issues or barriers, if any, you are facing that hinder your student's/family's participation in online learning. You can email your comments to

Lastly, we'd like to thank EVERYONE who has worked to make sure our kids continue to thrive under these challenging circumstances. From our administrators, to our faculty, staff, parents and our students; you have been working and adjusting and troubleshooting out of a love for what you do and the families you do it for. As parents and teachers, we are working in uncharted territory, under extreme conditions and circumstances, the reality of which we may not be fully aware of. So PLEASE make the extra effort to be compassionate with one another through this process; assuming the best intentions in our interactions and looking for areas to support one another in whatever ways we can.

We continue to ask for your patience as changes arise (the transition from Zoom to Google Meet, for example), and if you are having any personal, technical or other issues, we encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher directly (not in public stream or group chat) to make them aware and figure out ways to work through any challenges. Please know that we are here to support you and you can email us

Wishing you continued health and strength.