REMINDER! Picture Day Pictures Are Ready!
Mon, Jun 21 9:55am

Picture day pictures are ready!

All orders need to be placed by Wednesday, June 23rd and will be shipped directly to you! 

15% of all sales go to the PS20 PTA!


To see your child's gallery please follow these 4 simple steps:


Step 1: Visit and select "view and purchase" to see your pictures!


Step 2: It will ask you to enter your online code. The code is PS20+First 4 letters of your child's first name+First 4 letters of your child's last name. So it would look like this for the name Fundraising Committee: PS20fundcomm


Step 3: It will prompt you to enter your email address. Enter the best email address for you. 


Step 4: Enjoy the cute photos of your child(ren)! When you have picked out the photo(s) you want press the green "buy" button on the top left corner of the page. From there you will be prompted to choose the package you want to buy. There are many fun photo packages and gifts!


NOTE: If you have more than one child at PS 20 you will need to log in separately to see each child's gallery. There is a button on the top center of the page in blue that says "change gallery", you can switch between children there.


If you have trouble logging in or with your account please contact Stomping Ground / (212) 995-9379 or emailing us at