Rainbow Club meeting tomorrow
Wed, Jun 22 12:02pm

Dear PS20 Community,


The Rainbow Club is excited to announce our fifth meeting tomorrow, Thursday, June 23rd at 3PM. The theme will be Pride and activism, and we will get ready to march on June 26th.  This month, the meeting will run from 3PM to 4:30PM. 

Students now need to sign up in advance, and they will be picked up at 2:50PM. 

This is the sign-up sheet: https://forms.gle/z29ZHwYSRnBXEonL9


If your child wants to attend, you NEED TO SIGN THEM UP before tomorrow. 

Students who attend after school will be picked up directly from their after school program. Other students will be picked up at 2:50PM in front of the school. 


Students and adults can also use Zoom if they prefer, though I recommend attending in person. Our activity will require paper, pencils and markers/ crayons/ color pencils. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88448431579?pwd=WHlCS3F0cGJGZHlzOWFnWENETzdodz09 


The club is open to everyone in the PS20 community, and our primary goal is to create a network and safe space for LGBTQ+ and questioning students, families, staff and allies to support each other. 


We hope to see you tomorrow!


Ms Iseult