Regarding the Mayor's announcement: Please Read
Wed, Dec 2 11:33am

Dear PS 20 Community, 


By now you may have heard the Mayor's announcement in regard to changes in the DOE's blended learning and in-person policies. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, these policy changes were announced with no notice to the school administrations.

At this point, there are no new instructions for P.S. 20 parents to act upon.  Despite the lack of clarity in the Mayoral announcement, there are no changes to the schedule and current blended model for students at 

P.S. 20. In-person classes will resume on Monday, December 7th, with the A cohort group. There are no plans to phase out blended learning at P.S. 20 and there are no plans for students to return to 5 day per week/full time in-person learning at this time. Social distancing rules are maintained.

Our Parent Coordinator Ms. Colon sent a correspondence to families from Principal Barbera, on Tuesday December 1st, updating parents on P.S. 20’s plans and notifying parents that they must submit a COVID testing approval form in order for children to be allowed back in the building (per the Mayor).  


The letter also contained the blended learning schedule for your records, as well as a reminder to parents who traveled during the Thanksgiving Holiday to observe the quarantine guidelines around travel.  


Please, if you did travel over the long weekend, please stay home and get tested. The current NY State guidelines require a 4-day quarantine and a negative test before heading back to regular, socially distanced activities such as school.


Please check your Konstella announcements for Ms. Colon’s message.

Lastly, we are well-aware that remote learning will continue to be a component for many of our P.S. 20 students, who are among the 700,000 NYC families who have chosen fully remote learning. We will continue to work with administration on improvements and additional resources for remote learning, this year and forward. 


We know that the constant change is frustrating and destabilizing for families, school administrations, and children; however, we appreciate your

patience as we figure out the answers to any questions and Principal Barbera engages in the work of programming the school to meet the needs of families and children.


As a PTA, we will keep you informed of any developments and welcome your questions or concerns. In the meantime, we encourage you to contact the Mayor's office, the Chancellor, the Superintendent, the City Council and others in leadership to advocate for the resources necessary to support the school administration and maximize student outcomes for all students during these trying times and onward. 

Thank you and stay safe!


PS 20 PTA Board