Fri, Mar 26 5:04pm


Hello PS20 Family,

As of 2PM on Friday, it is officially Spring Break!  For many of us, this winter was a tough one, but you've made it; we've made it!   When we return from the break we'll be in the homestretch, with just a few short months from the end of the school year finish line,  and while there will still be challenges to face, we're determined to come together to finish this year on a high note - taking baby steps toward our post COVID future.  

So we're hoping that, to whatever degree possible, you're able to rest, renew and safely reconnect this week, and we're looking forward to moving forward with you. 

Below are some items about what we've been able to accomplish thus far and the plans we're working on for this coming spring after our return from break.

THINGS TO BE PROUD OF:  Here's a list of what we've been able to accomplish thus far.

  • Raised $46K thanks to your generous contributions, which goes to support:
    • Funding of the School Assistants, who have been invaluable in supporting the school given the DOE's failure to resource schools during the pandemic.
    • Funding of Green Arts, the school's art program that is 100% funded by the PTA.
    • Funding support for our teachers.
  • Purchase of COVID safety supplies for students (children's masks, gloves and sanitizer)
  • Purchase of conference cameras that allow blended students to interact between cohorts.
  • Provided supplies and support for outdoor learning.
  • Virtual Book Fair with equitable access to books for all students.
  • Scholastic Book Fair; a PS20 tradition that provided our students with a small reminder of life before COVID and gave remote students an opportunity to actually visit the building they've missed.
  • Lastly, we can be really proud of the fact that we officially became a part of the DOE's Diversity In Admissions initiative  (DIA), which means that PS20 has made actual significant structural change in our efforts to live up to our stated ideas of equity and social justice.  This will help ensure that our children will continue to benefit from the diversity that we often celebrate as our strongest asset.

EXCITING THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO:  Here's what we are working on for the spring.

  • The Happy Hour : On Tuesday April 6th we'll begin having weekly evening meet-ups online so that our Pre-K, K and 1st graders (especially our remote students) can interact outside of class for socializing, activities and storytime before bed.
  • Outdoor Movie Night:  Movie night has been a PS 20 tradition for a long time.  On Friday April 23rd we're bringing it back!   We'll be able to come together safely in the school yard where we'll be showing....  Can't tell you yet... It's a surprise!
  • IOBY power up campaign for Green Arts: For years we've looked toward this campaign to support our Green Arts program which is funded 100% by the PTA.  If you value the arts, then keep an eye out for the Konstella message with details about how you can support this campaign.
  • Parent Volunteer "We Work" space:  We put out the call and found a volunteer to lead our effort to create a comfortable work space inside the school for parents who are willing to volunteer.   This space will allow parents who work remotely the comforts of a casual office setting while they provide valuable support to the school.
  • $5K for 20! Marathon: It's in the early stages of development, but we're working on an end-of-year mini marathon for the students as a fundraiser with a goal of raising $5,000.   Details are being kept close to the vest, but we'll definitely be looking toward the community to support through volunteering and/or donating.

We're looking for a few parents that have web design experience (professional or novice) to help us create a draft of a new PS20 Website.   If you're interested, please email board@ps20.org with "WEBSITE" in the subject line.   The draft is being designed using the Wix platform.
We did it!  A coalition of parents, teachers, administrators, CEC's and activists successfully lobbied and rallied to demand that Mayor DeBlasio and the Chancellor restore $130 million dollars in funding to NYC public schools after initially holding schools accountable for the register loss of students during the pandemic.   Here's a pic of our own little impromptu rally on March 19th.

Lastly, We'd like to wish a very happy 73rd birthday to Mrs. Ina Friedman, our school Secretary.  If you've ever come into the main office and interacted with the woman affectionately known as "Beyonce", then you know you know that words like "snappy" and "unfiltered" only barely begin to describe this long standing member of the PS20 Family.