Seeking Parent Members of the School Leadership Team
Fri, Oct 22 10:54am

The PTA is seeking parents or guardians who are interested in joining the School Leadership Team (SLT).


The SLT meets monthly to read, review and discuss the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP). The CEP is a set of goals individualized for our school based on data collected by the DOE, such as attendance, test scores, etc. The CEP is a living document, meaning it grows and changes throughout the year with the DOE and SLT’s input. When we look at the goals, we work collaboratively to find the best possible ways to meet the goals with our unique community in mind.


The SLT consists of PS 20 family members (parents, grandparents, guardians), staff members and Admins. Members are elected for two year positions by their peer group, i.e. parent members are elected by the parent body, during a PTA meeting.


If you are interested in being a member of the SLT or have any questions about the SLT please email us at