Smaller Barn Raiser Event Tomorrow (Saturday)
Sat, Oct 16 10:00am-1:00pm
PS 20 The Clinton Hill School

We are planning for a smaller Barn Raiser event tomorrow due to the Parks Department not being able to deliver wood chips and some other equipment in advance of tomorrow's planned event.


That being said, some members of the PTA Board along with the support of our PS 20 custodial staff will be gathering  tomorow (Saturday) at 10am to put together 4 picnic tables and hanging some signs in the space adjacent to the PS 20 school yard.


If you are still interested in coming out to help start setting up the area, please sign up for a volunteer shift. 


We will send out an update when we are able to reschedule our larger Barn Raiser event once we coordinate with the Parks Department.


Thank you for your support!


Outdoor Learning Space Expansion Volunteer Shift Signed Up: 7 / 15

Sat, Oct 16 10:00am-1:00pm
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