Sun, Jun 13 6:22pm

PS20 Family,

After a couple of days to regroup and process, I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU to the entire PS20 community for making Friday’s event a great success!!!   It was truly awesome to see us all together, (both in-person and remote families) for the first time since the start of the pandemic - and for such a worthy and important cause.  

As adorable and impressive as our students were, the event was not intended to showcase how “cute” our children are, but rather to cultivate, demonstrate and communicate the values that we want them to have.  We want them to be more than children programmed with the latest slogans and lexicons printed on T-shirts and window signs.  We want them to embody and live those sentiments with compassion, understanding, grace and self-reflection.  

Thank you again to our parents who came out to cheer the kids on and helped their children raise money.  And to those of you that jumped in to volunteer where/when needed.

Thank you to our teachers who took on the task of engaging the children in these complex conversations and went the extra mile as pedagogs by helping children to make connections between their causes and their social emotional learning objectives.

Thank you to Mrs. Barbera and the administration, who worked hard to help us work out the logistics of the day, and made sure that all was good with the DOE.

And lastly, thank you to the event committee of parents, teachers and community partners. 

Dr. Meryem Bencheikh-Ellis, Co-President and partner in crime, whose energy and support and friendship cannot be overstated.

Annie Basulto,  Event Coordinator extraordinaire.  Words can’t begin to explain her energy, organizational prowess, heart for service and genuine good natured spirit.

Coffey, our Field Coordinator and advisor who brought together an outstanding team of volunteers from some of the city’s run clubs to lend their time and passion in support of the students.

Becky Slife, Vice-President who made the brilliant suggestion to reach out to Coffey!

Ms. Cassimiro, Mr. Chung and Mr. Hampton, our amazing teaching team who help us do everything from logistics to being our liaison to the teachers and more!


There are no shortages of academic descriptions and definitions for the inequities and injustices that we face.  However, my hope is that we’ll grow from prescribing head solutions for what is ultimately a heart condition - and that our children and our school will be the product and evidence of that growth. 

We will announce the final total of money raised at Wednesday’s final PTA meeting!!!