Talent Show Details - 10 Days to Video Audition Deadline
Wed, Apr 26 12:41pm

Dear PS20 Families, 


Only 10 days left to submit your video audition for the Talent Show! 




The HOTTEST Show in Brooklyn!

Starring … YOU!!

Friday, June 16

9-11am students & staff only

5-7pm Families welcome



April 5 - May 5: Video Auditions Open               

  • Information released and Flipgrid (video audition page) open
  • Create your act thoughtfully
  • Rehearse independently
  • Ask questions in dance class or email Mr. Chung at dchung4@schools.nyc.gov
  • Record and upload your video audition at https://flip.com/c1db682d by Friday, May 5

May 10 - June 15: Rehearsals

  • All auditioners will be notified of their status by May 10
  • Rehearsals on stage will be MWF 2:45-3:45pm
  • Detailed rehearsal info will be distributed May 10


Friday, June 16, 2023

9-11am Students & staff audience only

5-7pm Families welcome (same program)


CRITERIA (What it takes to get in!) Who gets to perform?

  1. ORIGINAL acts: Your OWN music, chorography, idea, creativity. Use props, puppets, costumes, hair, makeup … make it your own, and own it!
  2. UNIQUE genres:

Hard to get in: Singers and dancers, especially hiphop and pop.

Easy to get in: Musicians, magicians, comedians, gymnasts, martial artists, yoyoists …

  1. ENSEMBLE (group) acts.
  2. “EXPERTS”: Performers should research their act: Who is the original performer? The songwriter? Their influences? Who else is known in the genre?

TIP: If you’re singing a cover, consider using a “karaoke” recording without vocals, so we can hear your voice.

STRICT TIME LIMIT: 2:59 (2 minute, 59 second) maximum.



Audition by recording and uploading a video on https://flip.com/c1db682d by May 5. About 30 acts will be accepted.



We have many jobs with varying skill sets and time commitments: decorators, photographers, videographers, program designers, stage crew, backstage and dressing room supervisors, house managers, ushers, cafeteria reception coordinator, vendors, MCs, and more jobs are welcome! Sign up on Konstella, or email Mr. Chung at dchung4@schools.nyc.gov.


*We especially need a lighting technician who can handle our ETC Ion Lighting Console: https://www.etcconnect.com/About/Image-Library/Consoles/Eos/Ion.aspx?LangType=1033