lost and found items
Mon, Nov 18 2:05pm

Dear PS 20 Families:


Students often lose and misplace their belongings, this is an unfortunate reality.   Found items that are void of a name and classroom number are stored in bags, or on hangers located in the vestibule area of the cafeteria/gymnasium. These items cannot be stored indefinitely however. 

Therefore, on the last school day of each month, items that have not been claimed will be bagged by the custodial staff and donated to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.   

Please keep in mind that the school is not responsible for personal items that students may lose. 

In order to increase the likelihood of lost items being found and returned, please make sure that you label all of your child's belongings with their name and classroom number.  


Lena Barbera



Lena Johnson-Barbera


The Clinton Hill School, PS 20

225 Adelphi Street

Brooklyn N.Y. 11205


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