Hospitality and Events Committee

Helps organize events at PS 20 and make them wonderful and inviting to all.


Gathers volunteers for the events happening at P.S.20.


P.S. 20 host many events from September to June each year, organized by P.S.20 PTA at P.S.20.

Here is a quick list: Octoberfest, Bake sale, Winter/Holiday Concert, Brotherhood Dinner, BookFair, Spring Fling.

For the past few years, we have also seen added to the list: Talent show, Family Karaoke, Movie night at P.S. 20, and STEAM Night.

We will add more to this list! Be prepared! It all does fluctuate with the creativity/energy of the P.S. 20 community. "Zumba/Capoeira Healthy Night", "Re-Match" where teachers compete against parents at sports! "Rummage at P.S.20"....etc....

One thing is for sure, to make all these events happen, we need VOLUNTEERS and "voila!", "it is show time at P.S.20:)" for the pleasure of our children, families, teachers, and staff.

Please consider joining hands and become one of the Hospitality/Events committee member at P.S.20. It is a lot of fun and you will meet many more parents at P.S.20!



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