4/26/21 letter from Ms. Rosa regarding next weeks changes
Thu, Apr 22 10:47am

April 22, 2021

Dear Parents, 


We received final approval from the District to return on Monday, April 26, 2021 for 5 day a week instruction at 3 ft social distancing, if you opted in during the survey window which closed on April 9, 2021.  New York State now permits elementary school students to learn in classrooms with physical distancing of 3 feet between students if we maintain 6 feet of physical distancing during activities that require mask removal (e.g., eating, playing a wind instrument) and projecting the voice (e.g., singing), in common areas (e.g., hallways, entrance ways), and between adults and between students and adults.   


The new guidance also requires that whenever students are un-masked that 6ft. Distancing be maintained.  This is the protocol that will be followed for breakfast, lunch and snack, where applicable.  Each classroom has received two locations for children to eat six feet apart when the weather does not permit outdoor eating.  Students will eat outside as often as possible and each class has been provided with a designated eating area.  


While the majority of students have opted to return to a 5 day a week schedule we have a small number of families who wish to remain on a hybrid schedule. These children will be supported with asynchronous work on the days that they are home.  There will be little to no live streaming moving forward as this is extremely challenging for classrooms to maintain.  In a class where the teaching staff wishes to do so, you will hear directly from that classroom team.  Children who are hybrid must keep their current schedule and days that are missed due to COVID-19 closures or holidays can not be made up. 

Arrival and dismissal information can be found on the school website at https://inclusions.org/arrival-and-dismissal-procedures-2020-2021/ .  Arrival and dismissal will only look a little different for children in Grades 3 and 2.  3rd grade students will enter the gate on Whitwell at 8:30am and meet their teachers in the small yard.  Class 2-2 will now line up against the building to the left of the gate for arrival and dismissal.  At dismissal Ms. Adele will notify 3rd grade teachers as their parents and guardians arrive at the gate. 


The Office of Pupil Transportation has been notified of our changes and they have assured us that they are ready to pick up the students on Monday morning.  Please expect delays and errors as they navigate new pick up times, added bus stops, additional children on the bus etc.  If you have any questions or concerns please email Ms. Yvette at yvette.agasbautz@ps372.net, who will put you in contact with the person who can best support you. 


These changes have resulted in movement of staff.  We have asked staff to return to the building and have made movements in our remote classrooms.  Students who have returned to the building will now have all related services on days that they are in class as we do not provide services after hours.  We are doing our best to keep providers the same, but please know this may have to change.  All changes will be communicated to you via your individual providers.  If you have any questions you may contact Barbara Clark barbara.clark@ps372.net or Bridget Nash bridget.nash@ps372.net.  


As of today, there are only 42 days left in this school year.  We sincerely hope that this is the last major change we must make.  We thank you as we navigate the craziness of this year and the new guidance as it rolls out.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated. 


 As always we are here if you have any questions or concerns.


Rosa Amato

Principal, The Children’s School