A Family Needs Our Help After Devastating Fire
Fri, Oct 27 4:51pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

Good Evening Children's School Family,


Last night one of our families was involved in an apartment building fire that caused extensive damage to their home and resulted in the loss of all of their belongings.  Fortunately, no one was physically harmed but they are going to need a lot of emotional and financial support.   


We are asking for donations of new clothing, basic toiletries, and gift cards.   Anything you can do to support this family is greatly appreciated.  


Ms. Yvette will be accepting all donations in Room 101.  


Thank you all for being such a loving and supportive community.  


Enjoy your weekend.  


The family has 5 children:

2 Girls                    10-12 youth                                       4 Youth Shoes
Teenage Girl      Medium Adult                                  10 Woman's Shoes
Boy                          10-12 Tops/ 12-14Bottoms     4 Youth Shoes