A Message from the PTA
Wed, Oct 25 9:38am
Good morning,
We're writing to inform our membership that the PTA of PS 372 has been the victim of a financial crime. The authorities have been notified (which includes making a 911 call to the police) and are working with bank officials, administration, the DOE and the executive board to recover the funds. 
The process may take a few months but we are committed to continuing all essential programs that the PTA is involved in funding.  That includes:
  • Afterschool programming
  • Pizza Friday
  • Community events like Movie Night and Roots and Community
Please know we are doing everything we can to minimize the fallout from this event but some disruption is inevitable. 
What may change: Reimbursements may take longer and we might be unable to take on new events at this time.
If you have any questions or have expertise in financial crimes, please reach out to president@ps372pta.org and AP Bridget Nash.
Thank you.