Alejandra Alvarez
Wed, Jan 11 12:58pm


The Children’s School staff is saddened to announce the passing of beloved paraprofessional Alejandra Alvarez. Alejandra taught, laughed with, and adored decades-worth of students and colleagues.


Alejandra welcomed everyone with her warm embrace and charming delight. She made every single student she worked with feel valued and loved. She had high expectations for every child, and children absolutely glowed with her praise. Former students in their teens, twenties and thirties kept her updated on their lives and successes.


She was the warmest of colleagues. She supported us in our personal and professional lives, loved our families like her own, grieved with us when we lost loved ones.


And oh, how she made us all laugh. To eat lunch with Alejandra meant finishing with a stomach ache from laughing so hard.


We are working with Alejandra’s family to collect the money they need for funeral

expenses. Please consider donating if you can. Thank you.