An update on the investigation
Wed, Nov 8 9:50am



We’re writing to update our membership and community on the ongoing investigation into theft of PTA funds that was discovered in October.


The security breach involved unauthorized wire transfers executed by an individual other than the approved signers. Numerous bank safeguards failed and we are actively addressing both the administrative and criminal aspects of this incident with the bank, the NYPD and the FBI.


The theft of $300,000 amounted to nearly all of our reserves. We expect to be able to recover the funds but the process could take months. We are urgently in need of a financial buffer to keep operations running smoothly, including Pizza Friday, enrichment programs at both sites, and very importantly, ensuring that we can keep our afterschool program operational by paying our dedicated staff.


To that end, we will be asking for Annual Appeal donations earlier this year. The Annual Appeal is a once-a-year call for direct donations to the PTA that almost all schools do to make up for budgeting shortfalls from city funding. The donations pay for programs and services you and your kids enjoy. We don’t anticipate asking for more than in a typical year, but the earlier community members can give the better this year. We have a new bank account and additional security measures in place.


As always, any community member interested in seeing the PTA budget can request a copy.


Some of the many things money from the PTA supports include:


  • Mini grants for every classroom at both sites, as well as therapists and specialist teachers
  • School wide activities like Studios, Field Day, Carnival and Lunch Clubs
  • Keeping community events like Roots and Community, the Valentines Day Dance and Movie Nights FREE to attend
  • Enrichment programming like Center for Architecture, Thunderbird Dancers, Music Therapy with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Marquis Studios Art programs and more


We will be sending information about the annual appeal in the coming days. Please give what you can to help bridge the gap while we await the return of our funds.


The next PTA meeting is scheduled for Wed. Nov 15 at 6:45pm (virtual). If you have questions or expertise that could help with the investigation or a way to access short-term low-interest loans, please email or




Katherine Beto and Raquel Cunha

PTA Co-Presidents