Art Class - Ms. Marina - CORRECTION 3RD GRADE CODE
Thu, Mar 19 10:28am

Dear Families,

I have created Google classrooms for every grade. Each grade has a lesson plan for the week. I will add lessons Weekly. I have also created an  Art history classroom for all who are interested. It is filled with pretty awesome videos about some amazing artists. I will also keep adding to that as I find more.

Below are your grade classroom codes.
Please email me with any questions or needs. please also email me any projects that your child is creating whether its part of my lesson or not, I'm happy to give feedback or have an email conversation.
Be well, take care of yourselves.
Love Marina
Pre -k-   3ngjgxb
Kindergarten-  exdu4qm
First - 4kbfibr
Second - xds7ir5
Third - rnlznnq
Fourth - 3nxk4xj
Fifth - n5e64dv
Art History Videos-  hi52edc