Auction Party Is Tomorrow Night!
Thu, Jun 2 7:02am

The online auction is in full swing with a day and a half to go.  Grab some last minute sweet deals on camp (if you've left it a little late) or plan way ahead with 10% off New Country Day Camp next summer.


Want to see the Yankees in two weeks?  We've got tickets. Get some expert advice from financial planners, designers, parenting experts and books written for kids.  There are some recent additions of great restaurants and experiences so check it out.  You don't have to be at the party to win and for most of the items, you don't even have to be from 372 so share it with friends and family!


 For tomorrow night we need a few volunteers to help things run smoothly.  You'll still be able to mingle, don't worry, but please sign up for a short shift if you can!


The fun at Industry City starts tomorrow June 3 at 6:30!  Can't wait to see you there.


The Auction Committee