Auction and Party 2023: Donations and Save the Date
Thu, Apr 20 9:55am


We look forward to celebrating in person at this adults-only party on June 2nd - SAVE THE DATE and book your sitter.

You can contribute directly to the Auction Committee to help us offer FREE staff tickets and discounted staff guest tickets to the party.  Or give the amount we'd earn from selling popular gift cards for $25, $50 or $100.  Contribute here and select "2023 Auction and Party" under "choose donation event."  Every donation helps!


In addition, WE NEED YOUR HELP getting awesome items to auction off in our online auction that is open to families in Brooklyn, NYC, and beyond.


Take a look at the suggestions below and send an email to if you have contacts and ideas to share to help us reach our fundraising goal. If it's not a personal connection, please ask first: many local businesses have been generous in the past and may have already been contacted and donated.  We don't want to annoy people by asking twice.


(If you have items yourself to donate, instructions on how to donate are included below.)


Some examples of great donation items that you may have access to that would help our school:


  • ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCES : Behind the scenes tour/backstage access for an NYC show or landmark; an "in" for something that isn't readily available like a reservation at that restaurant that "doesn't take them"; a private lesson/session with an expert (you!) or a celebrity; tickets to a movie premiere or screening ; tickets to professional sports games.  Do you or your company have access to company tickets or VIP seating?

  • TRAVEL Donate a stay at your vacation home or those of family and friends. (These can be limited to the PS 372 community.)  Have an in at a tourist activity somewhere else? As long as they can be handled electronically, we'd love to have them (our auction is open to bidders nationwide). 

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES Classes, services, restaurants, spas and more. (If it's not a personal connection please check with  first as they may already be helping us out
  • EXPERTISE Are you an architect, a designer, an artist, a musician or teacher, or a great baker or have other secret awesome skills? Consider donating an hour or two of your time or a trial lesson, or a special product like an awesome birthday cake.
  • SPONSORSHIPS: Sponsorships are available at various levels ($100-$1,000) and we have letters with all the information a business might need.  Please email with sponsorship ideas or questions before asking in case they have already been approached.


Own a business or have other ideas for something to donate?  Donation information can be entered directly on inclusions and a receipt will be generated for tax purposes: 


(We are limiting the number of physical items this year because of logistics, so please reach out to the committee with questions.  We may still be able to accommodate physical donations, but will need to co-ordinate.)