Auction and Party: Time With Teachers Raffle Winners!
Sun, Jun 5 7:00pm

Thank You to all the staff who participated for the Time With Teachers Raffle.

Thank You to all the parents who bid. 

Please be patient as we notify the participating staff this week and it's a 3 day week of school.

Note: There are some experiences  listed where the winner may also bring a friend(or 2).


And here are the lucky winners...

Ample Hills Ice Cream with Mr. Dustin and Ms. Sophie

Ms. Lucy 


Bareburger Lunch with Ms. Renata and Ms. Sarah

Daniel Cunha , Camille Lawson, Kori Tang


Basketball and Lunch with Mr. Joe

Colin Dobson(plus 2 friends)


Bowling with Mr. David and Ms. Sharon and Ms. Sheila

Matthew Bohan(plus 1 friend) and Lucy Conner(plus 1 friend)


Brooklyn Escape Room with Ms. Emily and Ms. Tiffany

Matthew Bohan and Alex Shapiro


Brooklyn Botanic Garden with Ms. Gaby

Eloise Uong


Craft and Lunch with Mr. Joe

Ava Chilenski (plus  2 friends)


Ice Cream with Ms. Rosa

Pepper Gaito and Malaiki Rottman


Lunch with Ms. Rosa

Luca Albanese, Declan Bohan, Karla Antonia Brzin, Elizabeth O'Leary, Beatrice Sybrant


Lunch and Games with Ms. Gina, Ms. Jenise and Ms. Rosa

Mihika Kapur(plus 1 friend), Jacob Remmelts(plus 1 friend), and Emma Weisman(plus 1 friend)


 Make Lip Balm with Ms. Fiona and Ms. Sarah

Teagan Grocer


 Make Slime with Ms. Marilu

Luna Barocas


Morning Drop-Off Assistant to Ms. Adele

Asa Reyzik Clement, Abe Dyer, Madeleine Finegan, Ada Martin, and Oliver Slamic


Nintendo Gaming Session during Recess with Mr. Frank 

Dominique Bouchard, Smith Grocer,  Linus Uong, Henry Noland, Alex Shapiro


Pizza and Sweets Lunch with Ms. Elena

Maya Basith


Rollerskating at Lefrak and Ice Cream with Ms. Ann and Ms. Natalie

Luca Albanese, Milo Diaz and Catherine Gouger


Slime Making with Speech

Sebastian Gianino(plus 1 friend) and Edwin Sylvis-Kim(plus 1 friend)


Snacks and Play with Chicks&Ducks with Ms. Beth & Ms. Kathy

Clara Steinhouse(plus 2 friends) and Ellis O'Leary(plus 2 friends)


 STEM and Ice Cream with Ms. Dina and Ms. Megan

Gustave Lawson, Linus Melkumov, Oscar Albanese, Charlotte Gouger