Bathrooms At Carroll Street
Mon, Feb 5 11:38am
Good Morning,
We just received word that the boys and girls bathrooms next to the cafeteria will be closed for the next two weeks for an extensive renovation project starting today 2/5/24!
Children will only have access to the second-floor bathroom and the mezzanine bathroom (boys only)  in the main building.  Children will continue to have access to their designated bathrooms in the Rec building.  
Kindergarten teachers are being asked to encourage their students to go to the bathroom before going to the cafeteria to limit movement during lunch. 
Construction will take place in the evenings after the children and staff have left the building.  This should not interfere with After School in any way.  We hope this is a swift process and in the end we have beautiful bathrooms for all children to use!  
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.