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Wed, Jun 3 6:40pm
We know change has to occur but what's stopping us? Everyone has a role to play. Do your part to end RACISM.

Dear D15 Friends and Families,

George Floyd's murder is another horrifying example of racial oppression and police brutality that disproportionately effects communities of color.

In her opening remarks at the CEC15 Meeting, Tuesday night, President Casaretti asked for a moment of silence  "to recognize the pain that so many of us are feeling in regards to the social-justice issues that people of color, especially black people, have long endured." She continued that "we all have a role to play in what we want this world to look like for our children and the next generations to come. These racially motivated crimes will continue and innocent people will suffer as long as people refuse to address and take ownership for their own bias. Every one of us is responsible, in our own way, for the path forward. How we conduct ourselves, the words we choose to use, the messages we give our children and give to each other, and the coded language. It’s got to stop."

Chancellor Carranza and D15 Superintendent Skop both wrote letters recently. Please take the time to read them both.


CEC15 is dedicated to the necessary change that must happen for this District, this City, this Country and our World to move forward TOGETHER with understanding, love and compassion for each other. We are planning to host a series of anti-bias workshops and webinars in the coming months. If you have been to a training that you would recommend, please share the details with us.

There are many ways that we can see broad changes in education. Asking for the removal of screens in admissions is a small step in the right direction. Tuesday night, CEC15 passed the attached Resolution to remove screens and we would appreciate your feedback. 

District 15 has been a leader in the call for Equity. You are being called now and we need YOUR VOICE.

Please send your comments TODAY to the Department of Education regarding screened admissions to EnrollmentFeedback@schools.nyc.gov.

Stay safe and stay strong!



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