CEC15 Stands with Brooklyn North and Superintendent Skop in Addressing Racism
Wed, Jun 17 4:01pm

Dear D15 Friends and Families,


CEC15 is a proud supporter of the Department of Education's Brooklyn North Leadership Team. Please see the attached letter from Executive Superintendent Karen Watts on addressing racism and social unrest in our communities.


You can do your part to help. Resources are available on the DOE website for parents:


And, employees:


Please take some time to learn more about how to become an anti-racist:


D15 Superintendent Skop is hosting weekly talks on Thursday afternoons about dismantling systematic racism as well as other issues of interest in the district. You are invited and encouraged to join in the conversation in this way or to work with your school’s Equity team to build a strong anti-racist agenda and develop school wide protocols. (Receive a link to the teleconference by writing to FAndino@schools.nyc.gov.)



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