CEC15 Upcoming Vote on Charter Resolutions
Wed, Jan 16 3:59pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

Dear D15 Families and Educators,


Community Education Council District 15 (CEC15) in Brooklyn will be voting on two resolutions at our upcoming Calendar meeting on January 29, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at P.S. 131 located at 4305 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11219.  Drafts of these two resolutions, Resolution on Evaluation of Charter Applicants in District 15 and Resolution to Oppose an Increase in the State Charter School Cap and City Charter School Subcap, are attached.  There are brief summaries below.  We welcome your feedback on the drafts during this period of public comment.  Please send comments to CEC15@schools.nyc.gov.


Resolution on Evaluation of Charter Applicants in District 15

Why is CEC15 writing this resolution? CEC15 is regularly asked for support by Charter applicants.  CEC15 will evaluate Charter applicants according to the requirements specified in §2851 and §2852 of the New York State Charter Schools Act of 1998 (As Amended) and District 15's own educational priorities.  As the law is written, District 15 has not need for Charter Schools.



Resolution to Oppose an Increase in the State Charter School Cap and City Charter School Subcap

Why is CEC15 writing this resolution? Brooklyn, with 97 Charter schools and more on the way, is the borough with the greatest number of New York City Charter schools (37% of all NYC Charter schools).  And public schools across the five boroughs face an outsized impact from the diverting of per-pupil funds away from public schools toward Charter schools, when compared with the rest of New York State.


To summarize, New York City has 39% of the state's students and houses 71% of the state's Charter schools.  Given this imbalance, the prospect of a Charter school Subcap increase, requires us to ask--what is the vision for New York City public schools?  Any amendment to the law that enables further Charter growth without an evaluation of impact, is an unmistakable signal that Charter schools are not merely a vehicle for educational alternative and threaten to put New York City public schools out of business.  Therefore we ask Albany to impose a Five-Year New York City Charter Moratorium and perform an evaluation of our existing dual education system because education policy should create systems that work together to make progress for all New York children--not systems designed wherein on undermines the other.


Thank you and please consider attending our January 29th meeting or submitting your comments.





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Camille Casaretti (President), Elena Romero (Co-Vice President 1/BP Appointee), Kathy Park Price (Co-Vice President 2), Antonia Ferraro (Secretary), Charles Star (Treasurer), Lili Velez (Parliamentarian), Yanfeng Zhang (ELL Representative), Nicole Brier (IEP Representative), Neal Zephyrin (BP Appointee), Mark Bisard (Council Member), Scott Powell (Council Member)