Changes to morning drop off
Mon, Sep 13 1:50pm

To the Children's School Community @Carroll Street: 


It was so great to see everyone this morning and we are so happy to welcome our children back into the school building. Thank you for bearing with us this morning as we navigated the crashed heath screener, new line ups, misdirected busses and the increased number of students. 


We have made the following changes to fine tune the arrival process:

  • All 2nd graders will now line up along Whitwell Pl.  towards the front of the school building. Signs have been reposted. 
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will line up on Whitwell Pl. towards the back of the school building. New signs will be added to the gate. 


In addition, the following will help morning arrival run more efficiently:

  • Please have your health screener ready to submit. It is helpful to take a screen shot of the screener in case the system crashes like it did today. We plan to have more staff giving out copies of the paper version earlier than today. 
  • As soon as your child is dropped off, please cross the street so that we can minimize crowding and open up the narrow space. We are happy to see parents connecting but please do not congregate in front of the gate. Please consider leaving pets at home as we fine tune our process.


Thank you for your patience this morning as we work to improve our system.