Civic Assembly Volunteer(s) Needed! Help get the Big Yard Renovation on the Participatory Budgeting Ballot
Mon, Nov 21 10:30am

Good morning Children's School,


We are looking for parents or staff who live in Council District 39 to volunteer as part of the "Civic Assembly" that will help determine whether our proposal to fund renovation of the Big Play Yard will get on the  ballot for Participatory Budgeting Cycle 12.  Council Member Hanif is providing up to $1.5million dollars for PB this year!   Please see our proposal here.


Nominations for the Assembly are due November 30, so please let me know if you are interested ASAP!


This Civic Assembly will have the opportunity to hear presentations from climate experts, government agencies, and CBOs before discussing collectively which projects will go on to the PB ballot - which will then be voted on by people who live in District 39.


The time commitment for the Civic Assembly will be four meetings each two hours long from mid-Jan to early February. The CM's office is working to provide meals at these meetings, ensuring wheelchair access, and translation assistance. 



Stephanie Shaw, new parent rep on the PTA

Mom of William Shaw, K-2