Coding Activities
Thu, Mar 11 8:17am

To The Children’s School Community:


We are interested in sharing valuable resources with families to support engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through coding activities. We believe that coding is a valuable skill for students to learn as it allows for integration of science, math and computer science thinking. As we continue to explore ways to integrate more opportunities for computer science into our curriculum, at this time we hope families looking to learn new skills will explore these resources to enrich learning at home. 


"Why Is Computer Science Education Important?

Computer Science is Everywhere

Not only is computer science required for most modern careers and fields of study, it is also fun! Learning the basics of computer science prepares students for a world that is increasingly dominated by technology.

Computer science is also where many jobs are. Over 50% of all STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) jobs deal with computing. Students with computer science degrees are some of the highest-paid college graduates, and computer programming jobs are growing at two times the national average—but there aren’t enough graduates to fill these jobs!"




At’s An Hour of Code, there are many free activities and plans organized by length and grade in engaging formats


At Code Spark, there are free trials offered for families looking to explore some coding activities



The CEP Sub-Committee of SLT