Come Represent at Roots and Community 2022!
Wed, Apr 13 2:42pm

To The Children's School Community: 


Roots and Community is a valued tradition at the Children's School as it allows us to celebrate our diversity and share our cultures with each other. For many years, we have been able to gather together in person to honor these differences. In the past, we have had more than 20 groups represented (ex. Japan, LGBTQIA+, Jewish Heritage, the Dominican Republic, Italy, China, France, Jamaica, Mexico, etc.) While we have had a large portion of our event focus on food, we are encouraging tables to focus on crafts and other activities. We will also have live world music.


We are excited to plan for an in-person Roots and Community Event on Saturday May 21, 2022,1:00-4:00PM (location: big yard, rain location: Gym)@ 512 Carroll Street. We are seeking more communities to be represented at a table! You can sign up here:


Tabling an event can include creating an activity, sharing information, and/or games. In the past we have had origami, interactive worksheets, making rainbow flags among others. We are trying to discourage food sharing as COVID protocols remain in fluctuation.  


Currently we have the following tables represented: Japan, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, Bangladesh, United Kingdom and Canada. We would love to have more participants! This year in consultation with SLT, we would love to host a table of community helpers (Police Officers, Firefighters, Nurses, Sanitation Workers, etc) to celebrate their contributions to our community. Please let us know if you would like to participate in hosting this table (multiple people could split the time too)!


Please email Frank ( or Tatum ( if you have any questions. 


We will continue to monitor safety protocols from the city as they evolve. 


Thank you!