Community Board 6 Looking for a District Manager
Mon, Mar 5 1:54pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

March 1, 2018
Dear residents, business owners and friends of Brooklyn Community Board Six,
At the last full board meeting, I very enthusiastically announced that our Finance, Personal and Law (FPL) committee had received city approval and publicly posted our open District Manager position.
This is great news for our Board and means that we are that much closer to having a full staff in our district office. The hard work that our district office staff has been undertaking has been much appreciated, but for BKCB-6 to be the great Board I know we can be and that each of you deserves, we need to fill the District Manager position.
Please share this job posting with all qualified candidates in your network. The FPL committee is reviewing applications on a rolling basis and will be calling in prospective District Managers for interviews over the next month. We would like to have all applications in by March 15th, but may extend that date pending the number and quality of applications we have received.
Sayar Lonial